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F-16A Fighting Falcon

F-16A Fighting Falcon

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This one-of-a-kind F-16A TransportTag is uniquely crafted from authentic skin of an F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet. With a rich history dating back to 1978, the single-engine, multi-role fighter was instrumental in a host of global conflicts including the Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm and the Balkans conflict, making this tag not just a prized collectible, but a tangible momento of aviation history.

A vector diagram of the F-16

These TransportTags originate from the wings of either of two F-16A aircraft: SN 79-0376 or SN 79-0310. The former served in the US Air Force from 1981 to 1994 and was a part of the 429th, 428th, 465th, and 184th Fighter Squadrons. The latter began its service in 1980 with the USAF’s 421st Fighter Squadron at Hill AFB Utah before moving to the 310th and later 465th Fighter Squadron. We acquired the wings of both jets after storage at AMARC in the mid 90s from a DRMO auction, and began recycling them for TransportTags in 2023. In 2014 the fuselages for both airframes were scrapped at AMARC, highlighting our ability to preserve precious momentos from these warbirds so they can live on in the hands of aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

At TransportTags, the quality of your tag is our topmost priority. This is why we meticulously hand finish each individual tag to ensure it is up to our stringent quality standards. The aluminum engravings are scrutinized and polished to perfection, so that each tag mirrors our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our creation process involves using a precision laser to engrave the original paint of the aircraft. The laser carefully takes off each layer of paint to reveal the bare aluminum beneath in a unique design pattern.

Each F-16A TransportTag arrives on a custom PVC art card. This card contains further details about your specific F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft and frames the tag in a specially-made artwork featuring the aircraft.

Our TransportTags offer an exceptional blend of versatility and collectability. TransportTags can be treasured as collectors items, used practically as personal ID luggage/bag tags, dog tags, or even transformed into stylish keychains with custom inscriptions via our customization option. It's all up to the customer's imagination and preference, proving that these can be more than just tags that are displayed; as they can be an accessory of style and practicality, all while showcasing their historical provenance.

Vehicle History

The F-16 Fighting Falcon, a name synonymous with aerial power and precision, ascended into the skies for the first time in August 1978. It was a product of intense competition between the prototypes YF-16 made by General Dynamics and the YF-17 developed by Northrop. The US Air Force got the F-16 Fighting Falcon, and the YF-17 Cobra would eventually metamorphose into the formidable McDonnell Douglas F-18 Hornet and join the US Navy's arsenal.

F-16s flying over Turkey

Image Source: US National Archives

The F-16's versatility was proven in the diverse theatres of conflict it flew in by many air forces throughout the Globe. Whether it was the tense airspace over the Balkans, the daunting desert landscapes during the Gulf War, or the rugged mountainous terrain of Afghanistan, the F-16 emerged as a formidable force, delivering both ground support and air superiority. F-16s are also renowned for their use in the US Air Force’s Thunderbirds demonstration team.

In our current year of 2023, the F-16 continues to soar in the skies, contributing significantly to Israel's ongoing operations against Hamas and USAF operations in the Middle East bombing Iranian proxies. Its intimidating presence and agility underline its incredible value as a war machine despite the complexities and unpredictability of modern warfare.

a vector image of an F-16A

It is confirmed that Ukraine will receive F-16s from Denmark and the Netherlands. Judging from ongoing tensions, Ukrainian pilots may face off against Russian aircraft in the Russia-Ukraine war flying F-16s – marking yet another chapter in the Falcon’s illustrious tenure in active service throughout the globe. 

Highlighting our commitment to history and aerospace heritage, we are upcycling two sets of F-16A wings for TransportTags. Serial Number 79-0376 served in active duty with the US Air Force from 1981 to 1994 and was part of the 429th, 428th, 465th, and 184th fighter squadrons. In tandem, Serial Number 79-0310 served from 1980 to 1994 within the ranks of the 421st, 310th, and 465th fighter squadrons. We acquired the wings of both F-16s shortly after they went in storage at AMARC from a DRMO auction in the mid 1990s. In 2014, the fuselages of both aircraft were scrapped at AMARC, demonstrating our passion to preserve valuable keepsakes from these famed fighters, allowing them to live a 2nd life for the enjoyment of aviation enthusiasts around the world.

USAF photo of F-16 79-0310 in flight

USAF Photo of SN 79-0310

In an exciting development, we are immortalizing the legacy of these two F-16As by transforming them into TransportTags. Taking physical elements from these historical aircraft, we are creating tangible reminders of their storied past and significance. More than just souvenirs, these TransportTags offer a hands-on touchpoint to history, allowing you to own a memento of aviation heritage and the unyielding spirit of the F-16A Fighting Falcon.

Join us in celebrating this extraordinary journey from the heat of competition to the heart of combat zones; from the victories of yesterday to the mementos of today. Come, be a part of this thrilling saga of the F-16 with your own piece of airborne history – our exclusive TransportTags.

A person holding the F-16A TransportTag in front of the wing it was cut from

Product Specifics

  • Serial numbers will be shipped out at random between 0376 and 0310.
  • Stealth gray, sky gray, and rivet tags may have a non-flat, structured reverse side. For custom engraved orders, a flat back tag
    will be shipped.
  • A specific serial number (SN 79-0376 or SN 79-0310) can be requested via cart notes during checkout.
  • Rivet tags may be sky gray or stealth gray.

Vehicle Stats

 Engine Pratt & Whitney F100 Afterburning Turbofan
Top Speed Mach 2.05 - 1345 MPH (2165 KPH)
Ceiling 55,000' (16,764m)
Payload 15,200 lbs. (6895 kg)
Kills 72 (Air to air)
 20mm M61A1 Vulcan Rotary Cannon
2 Wingtip Pylons (AMRAAM or Sidewinder missiles)
7 Additional Pylons (missiles, bombs, or fuel drop tanks)

Product Dimensions

Card Dimensions

Length: 5 1/2"

Width: 3 1/2"

Tag Dimensions

Length: 3"

Width: 1.75"


Regular Tags: 1.3mm - 6.8mm

Thick Tags: 9.1mm - 10.5mm


TransportTags are unique, handcrafted pieces made from genuine vehicle skin. Features like scratches, blemishes, or minor discolorations testify to their unique vintage appeal and authenticity. By purchasing, you accept the product may differ slightly from website images. Transport Tags LLC uses authentic material from transportation vehicles, potential containing hazardous substances. Not intended for ingestion, inhalation, or use by small children. Transport Tags LLC is an independent company, not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by any entities. We use branded names and insignia for identification under the provisions of the Lanham Act, without implying any association or endorsement. For more information, read our detailed product safety and legal information here.

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