We are TransportTags

Read the story of how and why we were created below.

Introducing TransportTags

TransportTags is a new and up-and-coming business which makes high quality key tags and memorabilia from historic transportation pieces that we have saved from being scrapped and lost forever.

We are a small family business (mother & son), and our passion for aviation and transportation design - and its history - has inspired us to create TransportTags so that we could share our love of aviation and transportation with you, our customers.

Our family comes from a strong military background in the Army Air Corps, Navy and Marines and this is a big part of what has inspired us to create our historic military aviation collection. 

Our offerings include products made from military aircraft, civilian aircraft, and other assorted new vehicle items in the very near future.

Our family has one of the largest privately held collections of unique military jet fighters and other aircraft, as well as an ever-expanding collection of other vehicle offerings. Simply put, warbirds and transportation vehicles are our lifelong and beloved hobby.

Our ultimate goal is to raise money through the sale of TransportTags in order to restore and display some of the aircraft that we have been collecting for many years. We firmly believe that preserving these remarkable pieces of aviation history should be the topmost goal. Therefore, we carefully create the tags from spare and various original authentic parts. We are very pleased to offer you a part of our private collection to have and enjoy.

Our line of TransportTags has the original paint and markings from the plane or vehicle that it is created from, and comes with a sturdy plastic collectible card which contains information and graphics regarding the specific aircraft or vehicle (serial number/VIN where possible), as well as its history in either the military or civilian world.

TransportTags can be beautifully purposed as luggage tags, key tags, dog tags, or displayed as a meaningful and historic collectible. Personalization is also available at check out.

Our collection will expand over time with new and different tags, so please be sure to check back with us, as we are excited to share these new items with aviation and transportation enthusiasts!

Thank you so much for stopping by and learning a little about us!

James Clark Bissell
Alexandra Adreon Bissell
The TransportTags Crew

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