TransportTags - FAQ

How long does it take to receive my order? 
  • On in stock items without any customization, please expect one to two weeks for delivery.
  • For items that you have requested customization on please allow two to three weeks for delivery.
  • If an item is a pre-order of an upcoming release, please see that item’s detail description for shipping times.
Please note that we do our best to ship out items right away so these times are just an estimate, and most likely will arrive sooner. We will also provide you with a tracking number as soon as your item is ready to go.
Can I request a specific number on my tag?
You cannot request a specific serial number for any tag run. The serial number on tags represents the order in which they were produced, and individual numbers will be shipped out as they become available.
What is your return policy?
Because each item is handcrafted and unique we have a “no return policy”. However, please contact us directly if your item has arrived damaged.
I do not live in the United States, do you ship to other countries?
Yes, we do! Please select at the bottom of the product page your country, so that the proper payment denomination and shipping information can be entered. Please also allow additional time for shipping when you place your order.
Will you be adding more items to your product line?
We will definitely be adding more items to our product line! We are excited to share this collection with you. We are hoping to have a new release every few weeks - so keep checking back for an updated inventory.