Legal Information: Product Variation, Safety & Trademark Usage

Product Variation Information

All TransportTags are carefully handcrafted using genuine vehicle skin. Due to the nature of this material, each tag may carry unique characteristics such as scratches, blemishes, paint chips, or discolorations that inherently add to the charm and vintage appeal of the product. These variations should not be perceived as flaws or defects, but rather as instances showcasing the authenticity of your tag’s past life as a vehicle. No two tags are identical, making each one a unique piece of art. Purchasing a product from our website constitutes acceptance that each tag may look slightly different from the images depicted on our site, due to the distinct features of the material used. We believe that this uniqueness adds to the beauty and character of the product, lending each tag its individual personality. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us here.

Product Safety Information

TransportTags uses authentic skins and materials from aircraft and other transportation vehicles. As such, please be advised that the original paints, coatings and content materials on the tags are NOT meant to be ingested or inhaled as they may contain hazardous or toxic substances. Not for use by small children.

Trademark Usage

TransportTags is an independent company and is neither affiliated with, nor sponsored or endorsed by any individual, corporation, or entity. We employ particular branded company and product names for illustration and identification purposes only. Trademarked insignia are owned by their respective entities, and our usage of such insignia is strictly in compliance with the provisions of the Lanham Act. Please note that such usage does NOT intend to suggest, imply or constitute any form of association with, sponsorship or endorsement by these entities.