What TransportTags Are Made From

TransportTags are made from the skin of authentic aircraft, cars, helicopters, and a plethora of other vehicles. The parts and vehicles we use to create these tags show the paint scheme, design, and wear and tear of that aircraft or vehicle’s life, battle scars and all. Therefore, no two tags are alike.

Some tags have actual battle damage. Bullet holes, blast damage, scrapes and scars. Damage from anti-aircraft fire. Some tags have a hole from where an assembly bolt or rivet was once placed.

The paint and color will vary from tag to tag as well because of the design of the aircraft or vehicle and its paint pattern, the area on the vehicle that the tag is made from, and weathering, sun fade, use, etc.

Some tags will also have partial lettering or numbers depending on what parts of the aircraft or vehicles they were made from - like tail wing identification, maker/brand info or squadron info.

TransportTags also have different thicknesses and weight. It all depends on where it was taken from the original aircraft or vehicle. Some tags are thicker, some are more thin. Some may have a bump or a curve. No two are alike.

We believe that this makes the tags even more interesting. And we do our best to label the locations and parts of the vehicles from which each tag originates (i.e. wing, aileron, horizontal stabilizer, fuselage, cockpit, vehicle tank, door, frame, hood, etc.).

Each tag is truly a work of art in its own right - and a wonderfully unique way to memorialize the aircraft or vehicle from which it originated.
NB:  Because we take tremendous care in producing our tags and the collectible info cards we attach them to, please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery after purchase.