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1989 Ford Bronco

1989 Ford Bronco

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Our classic Ford Bronco TransportTag is uniquely handcrafted from the authentic skin of the iconic 1989 Ford Bronco. This all-purpose vehicle boasts a rich legacy that harks back to the heart of American motoring in the late 20th century. From its powerful performance to its rugged aesthetic, the Bronco represents an era of adventure and freedom, transforming this tag into a priceless keepsake and a nugget of history. In 2023, we began transforming it into TransportTags.

As always at TransportTags, the caliber of your tag is our utmost priority. Each tag is individually hand finished to our stringent quality thresholds. They are inspected and polished to brilliance, mirroring our dedication to superior quality and customer satisfaction.

Our creation process uses a fine-tuned laser to engrave the original vehicle paint. Layer by layer, the laser delicately unveils the raw steel underneath in a distinctive design pattern.

Each Ford Bronco TransportTag comes with a custom PVC art card. This card provides additional details about your specific 1989 Ford Bronco and beautifully presents the tag with specially-created artwork that epitomizes the vehicle's essence. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with this symbol of a golden era of automotive history!

Our TransportTags offer an exceptional blend of versatility and collectability. TransportTags can be treasured as collectors items, used practically as personal ID luggage/bag tags or even transformed into stylish keychains with custom inscriptions via our customization option. It's all up to the customer's imagination and preference, proving that these can be more than just tags that are displayed; as they can be an accessory of style and practicality, all while showcasing their historical provenance.

Vehicle History

The Ford Bronco first roared into the world in 1965, specially designed for off-road exploits and overland adventures. Ford captured the American spirit of exploration and combined it with classic muscular design to create the timeless Bronco truck, an icon stunning in both appearance and performance.

A original Ford Bronco parked in grass

Image credit: Soly Moses

The Bronco is no stranger to history. The infamous O.J. Simpson police chase in 1994 took its notoriety to an unparalleled level. Driven by his friend Al Cowlings in the 5th generation Bronco, they fled across the Los Angeles freeway on live television while the nation watched in fascination. The Bronco was forever stamped in the annals of popular culture.

Over the years, the Bronco saw five rich generations, each with its unique flavor while remaining true to the spirit of the original. The 1st generation (1966-1977) exhibited a compact design, compact but spirited - the perfect balance of brute strength and elegance. In the 2nd generation (1978-1979), the Bronco grew bigger, reflecting the American penchant for size and power.

A vector image of the 4th gen Ford Bronco

A diagram of our 4th generation Ford Bronco

The 3rd generation (1980-1986) saw a significant redesign with increased efficiency and better fuel economy. In contrast, the 4th generation (1987-1991), where our beautiful '89 Bronco belongs, continued the legacy with enhancements in comfort and performance. It was a perfect blend of the past's wild spirit and the future's tasteful sophistication.

The 5th generation (1992-1996), the last before the hiatus, took comfort and luxury to new heights, with a plush interior, increased legroom, and an upgraded suspension. It wasn't until 2020 that Bronco enthusiasts saw the much-anticipated return of the Bronco, with the 6th generation reflecting an infusion of present-day technology while staying true to the original Bronco's soul.

A modern Ford Bronco parked at a car dealership

Image credit: SsmIntrigue

Our featured '89 Bronco, a 4th generation spectacle, though not directly involved in the OJ Simpson chase, shares the fame and aura of those unforgettable times. Now we are giving it a new lease on life, personifying its spirit and embodying memories from its heyday in our TransportTags collectibles.

A TransportTags image of a worker holding up a cut piece of the Ford Bronco

Our TransportTags for the '89 Bronco are more than just collectibles. They're mini time capsules, embracing the history, the character, and the unyielding spirit of this legendary off-roader. They are your chance to own a piece of the Bronco's checkered past, its illustrious present, and its promising future.

Until our next road trip down memory lane, keep your passion for classic vehicles ignited. And remember, with TransportTags, you're not just collecting, but preserving and celebrating automotive history's majestic ride. Here's to the ever-resilient, ever-powerful, and forever iconic - Ford Bronco.

A collection of white Ford Bronco TransportTags

Product Specifics

  • Since the Ford Bronco tags are made of steel, they have been coated to prevent premature rusting. We offer two coating options: matte and glossy.
  • Metal backs have a smooth, metallic feel to the reverse side of the tag. NOTE: We can only do custom engravings on the metal-backed tags.
  • Rubber backs have a textured feel to the back of the tag, similar to worn leather. We cannot make custom engravings on the rubber-backed tags.

Vehicle Stats

Top Speed 100 MPH (160 KPH)
MSRP $16,959 USD
Range 480 mi (772 km)
Weight 4435 lbs. (2007 kg)
0 to 60 12.1s
Transmission Options
5-Speed Manual OD
3/4-Speed Automatic
4-Speed Manual
Engine Options
150hp 4.9L Straight-6
188hp 5.0L 302 V8
220hp 5.8L Windsor V8

Product Dimensions

Card Dimensions

Length: 5 1/2"

Width: 3 1/2"

Tag Dimensions

Length: 2"

Width: 1 5/8"

Thickness: 1-2mm


TransportTags are unique, handcrafted pieces made from genuine vehicle skin. Features like scratches, blemishes, or minor discolorations testify to their unique vintage appeal and authenticity. By purchasing, you accept the product may differ slightly from website images. Transport Tags LLC uses authentic material from transportation vehicles, potential containing hazardous substances. Not intended for ingestion, inhalation, or use by small children. Transport Tags LLC is an independent company, not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by any entities. We use branded names and insignia for identification under the provisions of the Lanham Act, without implying any association or endorsement. For more information, read our detailed product safety and legal information here.

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