F-150D Vehicle Stats

 Engine Pratt & Whitney J75-19 Afterburning Turbojet Engine
Top Speed 1390mph / 2240kph  (Mach 2.1 @ 35,000ft)
Ceiling 51,000 ft (15,545m)
Length 64’ 5” (19.63m)
Wingspan 34’ 11” (10.64m)
Max Payload 14,000 Lbs. (6350 kg)
Kills Credited with 27.5
 1x 20mm M61 Vulcan Rotary Canon
1x Centerline Pylon + 4x Under-wing Pylons (conventional bombs, Sidewinder Air to Air missiles, Bullpup ATGMs, or fuel drop tanks
Internal Nuclear Bomb Bay (B6, B28, B43, B57)